Press conferences

A professional, organized press conference is build around these three modules:

  • Invitation Management
  • On-site Registration
  • Speaker Assistance Systems

Invitation management:
Media contact lists can be imported, personalized email invitations will be sent. Response links specifically define their attendance.
Confirmation emails with detailed event information to include a personalized QR Code will be sent to those how particpate. Tracking of registration attendance can be monitored at any time.

On-site Registration:
By scanning the QR Code, the date and time of arrival is captured, a name badge is printed and a welcome email containing links to press kit and multimedia sources are sent.

Speaker Assistance Systems:
A host will scan the name badge of each media guest as they are seated. This information is relayed to an electronic seating chart which is visible to the speakers. Specialists can also support the speakers with information answers to any questions via instant messaging/chat system.


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