What if the Visitor prefers contactless Information?

Usually this works fine by entering a Companies Website but what at the Point of Sale, e.g. on an Exhibition or an Event?

KOMDAT’s „eKiosk“ provides contactless selfservice for receiving information and media to visitors. In addition this could be provided as assisted service e.g. by host/hostess or by using an APP installed on the Staff’s Smartphones as well.

Just in Time” Delivery of any requested Media is ensured by an automated Background Process.

KOMDAT’s „eKiosk“ includes the Backend, the WorkFlow, the FrontEnd Kiosk Application for Windows or MacOS as well as an APP for iOS/Android:

  • Central Media Management incl. Thumpnails, Categorization and Keywording
  • Multi Language (Title, Media, Category, Keywords)
  • eKiosk Terminal with multilingual User Interface
  • eKiosk APP as exclusive Installation
  • Real Time Dashboard and Dataexport to MS-Excel

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