Lead Management

Lead generation and lead capturing are the primary goals in trade fair participation. This should be your key focus.

How do you collect your leads? Pen and paper or digital?

Both ways do have pro’s and con’s…

  • Traditional pen and paper, fast and simple
  • Pen and paper can be illegible
  • Paper sheets have to be digitized for processing and can not be validated at point of contact
  • Digital devices are modern, smart and can offer additional features
  • Digital devices require some training.

Why don’t you simply take the best of both?

Most important is the workflow, not the FrontEnd.

  • Sending “Thank you – eMails” with relevant brochure links
  • Automated lead forwarding to appropriate management
  • Data export to CRM systems
  • Real time statistics

The migration from analog to digital lead processing can be done smoothly.
The staff members who take advantage of electronic devices will utilize, but pen and paper is still an option for those who prefer.

Of course you are able to use your own smartphone or tablet.

iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows10 are supported.
“Bring your own device”.

Save money and increase staff members acceptance!

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